SELF Tile from ItalySELF: be creative, be inspired, be your-Self

SELF Ceramics is able to offer its customers a huge range of products, from ceramic tiles, small / medium size with marble and natural stone products, not to mention the aluminum strips and mosaics, mother of pearl and glass.

The Collections
Eleven collections and a collection tile floor, embracing different styles, from Victorian to minimalist, from classic to modern, customized to your needs thanks to the wide range of proposed designs. The 2 recurrent themes in the various collections are the combination between white and black and modularity between different formats in different series, summarized in the Fusion concept.
The Decorations
Mosaics and strips of different materials such as glass, ceramics, aluminum and mother of pearl, thought to be accompanied to any type of fund. The basic idea of the decoration is simple and self ambitious: to provide a product that can furnish an entire room by himself.The Natural Stones
Mosaics, Bands, Medallions, Inserts, Funds marble and stone for interior and exterior to the tastes of tradition, but also to be reinterpreted in a modern way with the use of high-gloss finish rather than antique, unusual geometric shapes and innovative of the two colors that are the master in the entire catalog, such as the white and black.

SELF Tile from Italy