The RUBI production process: undoubtedly, the best production process in the world for the manufacture of tools for the building industry. RUBI takes scrupulous care of the quality at each stage in each and every process for the production of their machines and tools.

All the components that are incorporated in each of their products are fully inspected in accordance with a strict standard, resulting in an incident free production cycle and ensuring punctuality in all shipments.

The assembly lines for the manual tile cutting machines are the result of on-going research and provide a total guarantee of the quality of the end product .

The assembly of the diamond blade cutting machines has been qualified as exemplar by safety organisations and guarantees perfect operation of all cutting machines at all times. Each of these machines is thoroughly tested at the voltage and frequency of the destination country before being packed for final shipment.

The manufacture of hand tools is fully controlled from start to finish under the concept of craftsmanship. The selection of the steels used for RUBI floats, trowels and jagged trowels is a very laborious process. The steels are first submitted to spectrographic analysis to determine their composition, followed by stringent chemical and physical testing. Once the steels have been selected, always originating from the world’s leading steelmakers, they enter the cutting and shaping process where they are closely monitored by expert craftsmen. The final processes for finishing hand tools, the placement of the handles, protective glazes and final labelling are all carried out by task specific high technology machinery.

Finally all the tools are closely inspected one by one, by expert master builders who certify their final quality.